29 Aug 2015

My trip highlights

I'm back from Europe! It was an incredible experience, and one I will not soon forget. I took way too many photos, but this means that I have plenty to show you. So here we go!

Flight to Munich

 Munich's cobbled streets - so cute!

Everyone was riding bikes -almost like a movie cliche!

Dachau concentration camp

 A gorgeous view of Prague

A clear clarinet!!! So pretty

Sunset in Salzburg

 Any Sound of Music fans recognise this?

 On a boat to Austria

We went to an amusement park in Austria

 Me in France

 Happy birthday Dad!

The Eiffel Tower - just as beautiful as I 
always thought it would be!

 Standing under L'arc de Triomph 

 Le Louvre

Notre Dam


The London Eye

 Big Ben

 The Leaning Tower of Piza 
(unfortunately, I can't put a picture of me holding it up)

Cinque Terre

 The sun setting over Cinque Terre

 Going to the Sistine Chapel 

 The Colosseum

Heading home!

I'm really glad to be back and blogging, and i have a lot of posts ready for posting, which I am excited to put up! I will see you all really soon with another post!

Lots of love, Little Robin