15 Nov 2015

Let's Talk: Boyfriend Dilemmas

Hey everyone! I thought I would start a little 'Let's Talk' series where I talk about problems that we face as girls and other relatable things (hopefully). 
Just a tip, these posts will be all about expressing opinions and all that slightly deeper stuff, so if that doesn't float your boat, this series might not be for you.

So, as you may have picked up from my 'Dear 12 year old me' post, I have recently acquired a boyfriend. WOOOOHHH!!! 
This is a big deal for me, as I used to get really worried that I would never get asked out, and that I would wind up sad and forever alone. Well girls, let me tell you that this is not the case - not for me, and not for any of you! You are all beautiful and perfect in your own ways, and there is a guy out there who sees it. And I know this sounds really cliche, but you should never change for a guy! If he likes you for who you pretend to be and not who you actually are, things will never work out well, because you can't pretend forever.

Also, let me tell you from experience, that having a boyfriend is difficult. Maybe not for everyone, but for me, he's another (wonderful) thing for me to juggle. Mainly because I now have two different friendship groups, and my best friend is very clingy (but I still love her to bits) and she always wants me to sit with her group. It sounds so trivial, I know, but it's more difficult than it sounds!

And there's always that one friend who is secretly jealous of all the couples around her, but she is too proud to say this, so instead she says that she will always be forever alone and she wouldn't want it any other way. (Never be too proud to say what you think guys, it just makes things worse!)
I had a friend come up to me yesterday (she is the proudest person I know, and honestly, it gets really annoying), and she asked me if I was sick of all the hugs from my boyfriend yet, because she didn't like all the couples around her when she didn't have a boyfriend. Yeah, she basically asked me if I wanted to break up with him so that she wouldn't feel so left out!
Side note: this girl had been asked out by one of our friends earlier that day, but she said no.

Just in case I suggested otherwise, I do love my boyfriend, he is the best thing that has happened to me this year!

So that's all I have for today, as I am in the middle of exams (nooooooo!!!), but please leave your thoughts about this post down below, or maybe even things you struggle with if you have/have had a boyfriend (maybe I could do a part 2?)
Also, what do you think of this Let's Talk series? Do you guys think it's a good idea? Feel free to leave suggestions for future posts, because I'm gonna run out some day!

Lots of love, Little Robin


13 Nov 2015

Black Friday Paris Bombings

Imagine one day you and your friends start listening to a band. You all really like the music. Turns out, that band is playing at a concert, at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris. You buy tickets.
 The day comes. You wake up and tell your friends how excited you are to finally see this band. You hastily leave the house because your friend's waiting outside to pick you up. You tell your mother goodbye, you barely acknowledge your brothers and sisters. You don't tell them you love them. You don't know this is the last night of your life.
As you're at the concert having the time of your life, the atmosphere changes. The doors lock and you're isolated in that room. You're now a hostage. You're scared. You wish you could call your mother, but you didn't buy credit because you thought this would be just another night out. People start to scream and you're scared. Unsure of what's to come. Bombs begin being detonated. Your young life is taken. You didn't even get to say goodbye to your family.

This has been the worst attack in Paris since World War 2. 

Take a moment to appreciate your life, because it could have been you.

If any of you want updates on the current situation in Paris, click the link below

3 Nov 2015

My Thoughts On Halloween

Hey everyone!
So, unless you have been living under a rock, you would all know that it was Halloween the other day, and I thought I would share my views on the whole 'Spooky Holiday' thing.

DISCLAIMER: If you celebrate Halloween, this is nothing against you (all my friends celebrate it too and I love them all), this is just my opinion.

Now, I don't really see the appeal - I'm not a horror kind of girl. Even if it's only really mild horror, I just freak out and leave the room. It just doesn't work for me. I watched a movie once in primary school, (something about a purple gemstone or something) and it wasn't even scary. It was a cartoon, there were some bear-looking monsters, and all my classmates were completely fine with it. But not me! Nope, I was terrified - I left the room shaking and had nightmares for weeks! 

Looking back, I was (and still am) a bit of a scardy-cat, and I am not adventurous at all, so much so that I will always have chocolate ice-cream, order the same food at a restaurant, and refuse to watch any movies created before I was born! 
So, naturally the whole horror thing doesn't really appeal to me - one of the reasons I don't celebrate Halloween.

Also, you know how your parents tell you all your life NEVER to accept food from a stranger, and to NEVER go into a strangers' house? Well I can't help see the irony that Halloween is a day/night when parents send their kids out to go to (and sometimes into) strangers' homes and accept food from said stranger. 
It's like a new rule: "You are not allowed to accept food from strangers or enter their houses UNLESS it is October 31st!

Side note: I'm Australian, and Halloween is an American thing, so...

Another obvious point is that my religion is against that sort of stuff, and I've sort of been 'raised against it'. But, I am at the age now where I could decide to celebrate Halloween if I wanted to, but I personally just don't like it.

Thank you guys so much for reading, and let me know your opinions on Halloween in the comments below. 
Also, I know I haven't been posting very regularly of late, but I do have end of year exams coming up in a few weeks, so you may not hear from me until after that (in which case, I apologise in advance!)

Lots of love, Little Robin