3 Nov 2015

My Thoughts On Halloween

Hey everyone!
So, unless you have been living under a rock, you would all know that it was Halloween the other day, and I thought I would share my views on the whole 'Spooky Holiday' thing.

DISCLAIMER: If you celebrate Halloween, this is nothing against you (all my friends celebrate it too and I love them all), this is just my opinion.

Now, I don't really see the appeal - I'm not a horror kind of girl. Even if it's only really mild horror, I just freak out and leave the room. It just doesn't work for me. I watched a movie once in primary school, (something about a purple gemstone or something) and it wasn't even scary. It was a cartoon, there were some bear-looking monsters, and all my classmates were completely fine with it. But not me! Nope, I was terrified - I left the room shaking and had nightmares for weeks! 

Looking back, I was (and still am) a bit of a scardy-cat, and I am not adventurous at all, so much so that I will always have chocolate ice-cream, order the same food at a restaurant, and refuse to watch any movies created before I was born! 
So, naturally the whole horror thing doesn't really appeal to me - one of the reasons I don't celebrate Halloween.

Also, you know how your parents tell you all your life NEVER to accept food from a stranger, and to NEVER go into a strangers' house? Well I can't help see the irony that Halloween is a day/night when parents send their kids out to go to (and sometimes into) strangers' homes and accept food from said stranger. 
It's like a new rule: "You are not allowed to accept food from strangers or enter their houses UNLESS it is October 31st!

Side note: I'm Australian, and Halloween is an American thing, so...

Another obvious point is that my religion is against that sort of stuff, and I've sort of been 'raised against it'. But, I am at the age now where I could decide to celebrate Halloween if I wanted to, but I personally just don't like it.

Thank you guys so much for reading, and let me know your opinions on Halloween in the comments below. 
Also, I know I haven't been posting very regularly of late, but I do have end of year exams coming up in a few weeks, so you may not hear from me until after that (in which case, I apologise in advance!)

Lots of love, Little Robin


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  1. being an american, t's interesting to gain a different perspective on this spooky holiday. i'm not a fan of horror either, i stay away from anything that involves gore and violence. but i do like the idea of halloween where you get to dress up. people come up with the craziest costumes and it's fun to see that creative side of it!

    good luck on your exams!

    ying | thelittlethingsandmore.blogspot.com