3 Oct 2015

My Summer Bucket List!

When I woke up this morning, I was in my oversized T-shirt and lying under a sheet instead of a duvet. This was when I realised it is almost summer! 
Summer is my favourite season of the year, because it includes Christmas, swimming, New Year, no school, and lots of sleeping in! What's not to love?

Last year, most of my favourite memories were made in summer, and thinking back to them now makes me all warm and happy! You know in movies when there's a montage of different scenes and the characters life seems really great and flawless, and you wish you could be them? That's kind of how I feel. All my memories of summer mix into one big, happy moment and I want to relive those days over and over again. Does anyone else get that?

Well, I want to have this every year, and to make the most of Summer time instead of sitting in-front of the TV for hours on end because there's 'nothing else to do'. So, I've created my 2015 (to 2016) summer bucket list (even though it's not even summer yet!) to make sure I have the best time these Summer holidays:
  • Have heaps of pool parties/BBQ's and invite heaps of friends over
  • Go shopping for Boxing Day sales and buy heaps of new clothes
  • Have a sleepover/chick-flicks movie marathon night with heaps of junk food
  • Hang out at the beach as often as I can
  • Get an awesome tan!
  • Get a job so I can buy Christmas presents (and maybe loads of clothes for myself?)
  • Redecorate my room so it looks presentable (first world problems)

I know most of you have already had summer and are preparing for winter now, but does anyone have any other ideas I could add to my list? I hate boring summers (and I know I'm not alone there) so  maybe you guys could help me have an AWESOME summer instead.
I hope you all enjoyed this post, and thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love, Little Robin


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