18 Jun 2016

We Live In A Broken World :(

I have no words to describe how I have been feeling over this past week. My heart has been slowly breaking; breaking for the people who died, their families, Christina's friends and families, the world.
There are just bad people in this world, and they see things differently to us. They can do things without being in their right mind. They can do things because their religion requires it. But they can also do things purely because they want to hurt, and to kill. And it breaks my heart that so many people, who had so much to live for and so much to do in their lives murdered in a place of safety.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, on June 12 a gunman stormed a gay nightclub in Orlando and gunned down as many innocent people as he could.  Around 50 people were killed and about the same number seriously injured. Two days prior,  at a concert also in Orlando,  22 year old Christina Grimmie was shot whilst signing autographs after her performance.  (You might remember her from The Voice in 2014) after committing the act,  the gunman was tackled by Christina's brother,  and then proceeded to kill himself.  Christina died in hospital later that night.  

I don't live in Orlando, not would I classify myself as a fan of Christina,  but I am still so heartbroken over the deaths of all these innocent people.  My prayers go to their friends and families,  and I am grieving with them and the rest of America from the other side of the world.

Just imagine what would happen if everyone in the world was a little bit nicer.  

Lots of love,  Little Robin



  1. I completely agree with you - this world is just becoming a world where everyone lives in fear. Why do we have to lose so many innocent people? There was also a British MP who got shot and stabbed whilst coming out of a library (where she had been having meetings with people to help them). She had two young daughters.
    I agree with everything you've said - I just hope that, some day, the small percentage of evil will come to their senses.
    Elsie A x

    1. Yeah I heard about that the other day, and it made me so sad. I guess we should just love each day as if it were our last.

  2. I also so agree with you! When I heard about what happened I was so sad. I mean those people did nothing wrong! I just don't get why people would try to kill just to kill people. It makes no sense! If everyone in the world was a little bit nicer I predict we would have a million times better world.

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. I can't even comprehend how someone could bring themselves to commit murder for no reason whatsoever.

  3. I was a huge fan of hers... I watched her from her early days making YouTube videos, when she was using low quality equipment but still conveyed the beauty of her voice. I was absolutely destroyed hearing the news. It was one of the darkest tragedies of the year that affected me so deeply.

    You're right about the world being broken. It's so tragic.

    Skylar | Skywriting

  4. I remember the moment I found out--it was only a few months ago. I visited her YouTube channel like I always did every now and then, and the words 'tribute' were on the screen. I was as shocked as you were.

    You're absolutely right. We all need to make an effort to put this broken world right, instead of dividing it further apart. Thank you for this.