11 Mar 2015

50 facts about me

I've been wanting to do this post from the day I started blogging, but I couldn't think of enough facts about me. But the other day, Splash of Kate posted a 50 facts about me post, and I thought I'd give it a whirl. So, here we go:

  1. I'm 15 years old
  2. I live in Western Australia
  3. I play clarinet
  4. My favourite colour is blue
  5. I'm a Christian, and my friends can't make a comment about Christianity without me turning it into a long conversation.
  6. I got baptised last year
  7. I have a gorgeous 3 year old dog who has a blue eye
  8. I have a corner in my room with a comfy bean-bag for reading, but I never use it and end up reading on my bed. Instead, my dog uses it as a place to sleep.
  9. My favourite song at the moment is Blank Space by Taylor Swift
  10. I live with my parents and two younger brothers
  11. My room is always messy
  12. I am an extremely forgetful and unorganised person
  13. I love to shop, and my parents are starting to see me as a bit of a shopaholic who needs to save her money
  14. My favourite Disney movie is the Little Mermaid
  15. When I'm older, I want to do mission work overseas and/or teach clarinet (I know, it's a bit of an odd combination)
  16. I love candles and can't wait until the weather gets colder so I can light them again - I got one for Christmas and it smells amazing
  17. Sometimes I will light all of my candles at once, and my bedroom ends up very smelly (it's a nice smell, it's just very strong)
  18. I have flat feet, which means I can't wear open shoes :(
  19. I get distracted easily if I'm not doing something fun
  20. I LOVE the Sims! If I could, I would be on that game for so long everyday that I would be living through these virtual characters
  21. I have been blogging since the end of December last year
  22. I started blogging because I had nothing better to do, I love to read other blogs and I love to write
  23. YouTube plays a very big role in my life
  24. Apparently I am a wannabe Zoella
  25. I go to Youth Group once a week, and in the space of about 18 months, I have taken a total of 8 people with me who are still going there today
  26. I have 7 china dolls that sit on top of my wardrobe and watch me while I sleep (creepy)
  27. I hate horror movies because I get scared really easily
  28. My room is at the front of the house so it's like a furnace during summer
  29. I am in love with Sherlock (with Benedict Cumerbatch and Martin Freeman) and wanted to kill Stephan Moffat and Mark Gatiss when I found out the next season comes out NEXT YEAR, not THIS YEAR! AHHHHHHH!!!!!
  30. I am also a huge fan of Doctor Who (also directed by Moffat and Gatiss)
  31. I'm learning French, but I'm not very good
  32. All of my extended family lives on the other side of the country!
  33. When we're emailing each other, my friends and I only talk to each other through gifs
  34. I was always short in primary school, but I've had my growth spurt so I'm not actually short anymore. But my friends still call me short and it's kind of annoying
  35. Since I have always been smaller than lots of my friends, the majority of the clothes I own are second hand :(
  36. I have a habit of dressing in jeans or jumpers during Summer, and then realising it's too hot when we have already left the house and it's too late.
  37. My brother has 4 budgies and a canary
  38. When I move out, I want to get a shih-tzu puppy
  39. I love photography because I think it's a great way to capture really special moments forever
  40. My feet are now the same size as my mum's (I can fit into her wedding shoes)
  41. Orange juice is bae
  42. When I was little, I had a bob, but as I got older I decided to grow my hair out, and now it goes halfway down my back
  43. I am allergic to cats and grass
  44. My brother and I used to each have a hermit crab - one was called Elizabeth (mine) and his was called Wake-Up-Jeff (from the Wiggles), but his crab killed mine
  45. I hate getting up for school. If I could, I would lie in until 11am (it's happened once before - I got up when everyone was having lunch)
  46. I am terrible at remembering my music lesson time because it changes every week
  47. I am currently reading the book 'If I Stay' and I like it, but I just think it's not 'emotionally correct'. (I might do a book review for it soon)
  48. Whenever I play my instrument at a concert, I always squeak at least once
  49. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day
  50. I went to see the Fault in Our Stars with my mum last year, and cried most of the way through
I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and that it gave you a little more insight into my life. Stay excellent!

Lots of love, Little Robin



  1. Oh awesome post! The fault in our stars was a cry-through-the-whole-film for me too!

  2. I love your blog and through most of this post I was like me too :)

  3. Love your blog, some of the facts are really similar to me! :) X