20 Mar 2015

Shopping Haul!!!

The first thing I bought was a grey, woollen cardigan from Factorie, and it cost $20. My friend has the same one but in maroon, and I fell in love with it and had to have one too. This cardigan is really thin , and you can actually see through it, but the material is quite heavy, so I though it would be perfect for Autumn/Winter! It's also quite baggy and slouchy (is that a word?), which gives it quite a casual, more laid back look.

I also saw this blue drawstring bag, which I thought was SO cute! On the front it says 'TODAY is going to be AWESOME' and there is a little pocket on the side as well. This would be awesome for taking your stuff to the beach in because it looks really beachy and it has a lining inside it so wet towels or bathers won't affect the material. Oh, did I mention it was only $2?!

Next I got a floral headband which was $3, and a nail polish in the colour 'Ice Blue' for $5. I thought that the nail polish looked really Wintery and I also love pastel colours at the moment.

 City Beach

I love the City Beach that we went into because it always has sales on. There is a rack at the back of the store which takes up the whole wall, full of 'faulty' items. Except they're not so much 'faulty' as 'marked by makeup or a really small food stain' which is usually easy to wash out. Anyway, this top is made of a course sort of material and is slightly see-through, so I need to get something to wear under it. It has three silver, diamond shaped studs on each corner of the collar and the material is sort of folded at the front so it doesn't look plain and boring. This was on sale at $12, but it turns out it was marked down even further and was sold to me for only $5, which was a massive bargain!


I have been searching for this next product for absolutely ages, and it either hasn't been in stock or it's in the wrong shade. But today I found it! It is, of course, the Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' concealer, which I got in the colour 'Classic Beige'. Everyone has been raving about this concealer for I don't even know how long, and it infuriated me that I didn't have it yet! I'm yet to wear it, but I'm really excited to try it out.


Next I went into Gloss (duh) and I bought this clip on hair bow. It's the same colour as my hair which makes it look like it could actually be my own hair. I've been trying to tie my hair in a bow for ages and I keep failing, so I think I'm just gonna give up on that and use this!

And the final thing I got was from Valleygirl was a white crop top, with a lace pattern at the bottom and on the ends of the sleeves. I had to decide between this or another crop top that said something in French, but I didn't know what it meant, so I chose this one (duh). I also thought this would be great for Summer and Spring, or even in Autumn because it doesn't get very cold here until Winter. (haha, I just managed to mention all four seasons in one sentence. Life achievement gained!) I just thought this top was really pretty, and it was only $15.
I hope you enjoyed this post as it's a little different to what I usually do, but let me know if you like it!
Lots of love, Little Robin


  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE that City Beach shirt it's gorgeous! I have a grey cardigan REALLY similar to that except mines better for autumn or spring as it's a bit thinner

    Lots of love, Mis Internet xoxo

    1. I was going to wear the shirt today, but I didn't have anything to wear under it :(

    2. Oh no! Oh well there's always other days!

  2. Hi I've ALSO tagged you for 'Learn to love yourself' tag details on my blog

    we are all fabulous!

  3. I love the Valleygirl shirt! it is so pretty and the wake me up concealer is amazing hope it lives up to your expectations:)

  4. i need totry that concealer! love the crop top Xx