19 May 2015

Blogging Break!!!!!!

So, as many of you will have realised, I have not been posting very regularly.
No, I'm not being lazy - I really want to blog, but I have exams coming up, so I've been trying to focus on not failing, which hasn't left much time for blogging :(
So, instead of leaving you guys wondering if I'm still alive or not, I've decided to take a blogging break!
In a few weeks, I'll be back refreshed, have plenty of time, and loads of new post ideas!!!
So, ciao for now, and I will see you soon :)
Lots of love, Little Robin


  1. I completely understand why you haven't been posting!
    After all you don't want to fail!

    Neon girl, Growing dark!

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  3. I totally understand - a break sounds like a good idea!

    I wish you the biggest best of luck for your exams and I look forward to seeing you blog again soon!