8 Jun 2015

I'm back! and a birthday in need of celebrating...

Hello everybody!
Exams are over, and I am back! *excitedly runs around the room like a crazy maniac*
I've really missed blogging, but it's also been a good break for me, 'cause now I'm back fresh and ready, with loads of new ideas.

So, here is my 'plan of attack':
I've decided to post every Sunday, and occasionally an extra or two during the week if you're lucky. I'm also going to try backup posts, so that I don't have to rush to write a  new one to get it posted on time. I'm not sure where I'm going to find the extra time for this, but I'll find somewhere to slot it into my timetable.
And now, some exciting news...
Yes, I have now spent 6 months writing 'Little Teen's Blog' and I already have a total of 14 followers!!!
So, I thought that this called for a celebration.
To celebrate, I want to make a short film about not only my blog, but the community of bloggers around me. There are so many reasons why we choose to start a blog, so I would love it if you could leave your reason(s) in a comment below, and your blog name and comment will be included in the video.
(The video will be posted in the next couple of weeks)
Thanks so much guys!
Lots of love, Little Robin


  1. Happy Birthday, Little Teen's Blog! I'm so x infinity glad that you're back! I missed you!

    I chose to blog to have a voice - it sounds odd but I wanted to speak and for someone to hear me but someone who had the same passion as me: blogging! I blog because it's fun and it's what makes me happy!


    1. Oh and my blog name is Miss Internet!

      It's a great idea to make a blogging video! Xoxo

    2. I love your reason for starting a blog - it's so creative and unique!
      Thank you Miss Internet :D

  2. Hi! My blog is splashofkate❤️ Happy birthday! I wanted to blog because i love to write and I wanted someone to get me and maybe understand?

    1. Thank you, Kate!
      I can totaly relate to that :)

  3. Well I know it might be late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🎈 I blog because I feel that it is a place where I can say what I want without anyone I know judging me. I write an anonymous blog by the way. And I enjoy writing my thoughts down, it feels like a diary however for the world to read, if they want to :)