15 Jun 2015

Studying Tips n Tricks

I am one of those people who are really bad at studying because I find it really hard to concentrate on the thing I'm supposed to be doing. For example, I should probably be doing homework right now, but instead I'm writing a blog post. Oh well.
I know I'm not the only one who finds it hard to concentrate, so I thought I'd share some tips that have helped me to keep on track lately.

Work in a clean environment
When I say 'environment', I mean keep you desk, room, or wherever you work tidy and not cluttered with everything you own. I am very guilty of living in a messy bedroom and working on a messy desk, so I know how difficult it makes things. It clutters your mind and becomes very distracting.

Keep your stuff organised
I am someone who has no storage area for school stuff, and that really comes back to bite me every morning when I'm having to find all my books at the last minute because I'm really unorganised. Having shelves, drawers or something to keep your stuff in a certain place will make it easier to find your things.

Start with what you like
If you begin your study day/afternoon with something you don't enjoy - so in my case, maths - then you will end up staring at a blank page and procrastinating. But if you start with a subject you enjoy, then you will find it easier to stay on top of things.
That said, don't do everything fun at the beginning; leave one of your favourite subjects until the very end to reward yourself with (if that makes sense)

Take breaks
Take a short five or ten minute break about every half an hour. This will keep your brain active and you will find it easier to stay on top of what you have to do and not get distracted.

Time how long you are actually working for
This one I haven't actually tried out yet, but I think it sounds like a really good idea (my mum suggested it to me). Half the time that I spend "studying" will probably be spent on YouTube, listening to music and blogging. Timing how long you actually work for will give you a good indication as to if you need to focus more and this is why you're failing you tests *cough* me *cough*, or if you are on target and have time to watch a bit of TV before bed.

Don't get distracted by the Internet
The Internet is a cunning thing that reels you in to its trap and before you realise it, you've spent 2 hours on YouTube and have only written out half of the first question for your Science homework that's due tomorrow. Recipe for disaster people.
Hope this was helpful for some of you!

Also, in case some of you missed my last post, I am creating a video to celebrate 6 months of Little Teen's Blog, and I want to include all of yor reasons for starting a blog. (Your blog address will also be included). So if you want to check that out, click here.
Lots of love, Little Robin

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