30 Jan 2015

Clothing and Beauty Haul

Cotton On
The first clothing item that I bought was an oversized T-shirt from Cotton On. Just in case the picture isn't clear enough, the front is covered in pineapples with grey sleeves and a grey back I've been looking for one of these for ages, and when I finally found one in Myer, it was $60! Needless to say, I didn't buy that one, although it looked really comfy. The one I ended up buying was only $20. I think Cotton On has some really great prices and discounts, and the clothes are also really good quality. I think this kind of shirt would be perfect as sleepwear, or even just something to wear over your bathers to the beach.
This dress from Ice is something that I think is perfect for Summer. It's stripy, made of really light material, and has sleeves that are off the shoulder. I think that it's more of a formal dress. I guess this could also be worn casual, but you would have to make sure the shoes, hair, makeup, etc. matches the casual look too. Otherwise, you'll look way to dressed up. (I'm speaking from experience) Also, something I would just like to point out; this dress was not very cheap. It was definitely more of a 'spur of the moment' decision, rather that a thought out one. I also have a habit of never walking out of this store empty-handed. I don't know why, it's the only shop that has this effect on me. It's also one of the more expensive stores which is a pain as I spend most of my money on one item!
Just Jeans
Sorry, my computer's being weird and turned this picture upside-down. 
This is the front of the dress.

This is the back.
This is another dress that is great for summer, as it's also made of very light material. It has stars printed on it, and an opening at the back of the dress. This dress is definitely more casual than the last one, the kind of thing you could wear to the beach. I think Just Jeans has some great prices and sales all year round, which makes it a continuous shop stop for me.

One thing I have found when I go to Gloss is that they always have sunglasses on sale. These were $10 and I love them! Whenever I go outside I always wear these. They're definitely not small, but I think they're nice.


 This nail polish is also from Gloss; it's a light blue colour and I LOVE IT! Blue is my favourite colour, and I also have a jumper that matches this colour.


And lastly from Gloss, it's a lipstick. This one is a BYS lipstick called Sassy Salmon and is probably the only downside to my shopping haul. I tried the tester on my wrist and it looked a lot less bright than it does when I put it on. It's so bright in fact, that I can't really wear it, which is a shame and a waste of money. But if you like really bright pink lipsticks, then this is perfect for you.
Somethink very exciting is happening tomorrow, so I will do a post for that on Sunday.
Lots of love, Little Robin

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