24 Jan 2015

Vac Swim

Ok, I know my last few posts were super short, so I thought I'd do a slightly larger one today.


So, every summer holidays, my brothers and I do Vac Swim (swimming lessons at the beach). I'm in level 13 now, so it's kind of all indurance stuff that's really hard to fail. Anyway, for two weeks of the holidays, this is what my day usually looks like:

Wake up at 7 am and leave the house at 7:30 am!!!! WAY too early, but we don't get a choice :(

Once we get down to the beach we set up our umbrella along with all the other people who live in our area (we always sit in a group, but I don't really know anyone).

The boys will usually jump in the ocean at this stage until our lessons start, but I sit on a towel being bored. Call me picky, but I hate getting wet before I have to. (Also, brother No.2 likes to use my goggles). Little Bro No.1(tries to) surf on his surfboard even though there are no waves. No.2 will just follow him. They're either thick as thieves or the worst of enemies, never in between.

No.1 and I go to our lessons for half an hour where I have to bend my knees in the water so I don't tower over all the other kids (I'm not tall, they're just all in primary school. I'm actually really small for my age. Embarrassing!)

Then I sit on my towel again for about 2 hours whilst Bro No.2 goes to his lesson and then we stay for quite a while afterwards. I hate that salty/ sandy feeling after swimming in the ocean, so I don't go back in the water after my lesson. I always forget to bring a book, so I get really, really bored and just eat all the food.

We get home all salty and sandy, so I jump in the pool for a "quick" swim. Why have I used quotation(?) marks on "quick"? Becaue I intend to jump in, swim around, jump out again, get dry and watch TV for the rest of the day. But ohhh no, I get distracted and end up staying in the pool for literally an hour, doing laps and seeing how long I can hold my breath for underwater. (Yeah... probably not the best idea!)

When I finally get out, I have to watch 'Mythbusters' with Thing 1 and Thing 2 (hahaha) because, surprise, surprise, they got to the TV first. *insert a dramatic/ frustrated sigh here*

So, that has been my life for the past 2 weeks, with no breaks. Oh, except for Thursday when Mum let us have a day off because we were all tired.

Also, on the last day of Vac Swim every year, every swimming class has a party and my family and I get fish and chips for lunch. Well, guess what? On the last day, I was sick! I had to stay home and miss out on the party and the chips. *insert an intense dramatic/ frustrated sigh here* WHY?!?!?! At least I got the TV! Haha!

Lots of love, Little Robin


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  1. That sounds so cool, i once went swimming in the sea and I got scared so i never went back but the endurance sounds tough.
    Your blog seems so cool also thank you for the lovely comment.