11 Jan 2015


This week my family and I took a 4 hour car trip down to Denmark for a few days for a quick little holiday. We stayed in a neighbour's holiday house which is surrounded by bushland and has a 'granny flat' out the back (this became my bedroom). Unfortunatey I didn't get any pictures of the house, but it was pretty cute and cosy.

The day after we arrived, my mum and I walked along part of the Bibbulmun Trackwhile the boys all went off fishing for the afternoon. We took what I thought to be a lot of great pictures, but most of them were out of focus.

In the picture below is the sign of the track.

When I was carrying the camera, looking for photo options, I realised that photography gets you to notice more, especially out in nature. Without a camera, you might walk past something and not take a second glance at it. But when you're taking photos, you might look twice at that something and think, 'If I tried, I could make a good picture with that.'

On our bush walk, my mum and I also spotted a couple of birds but I don't know what species they are. I think the first one might be a parrot, but I could be wrong. The second bird had yellow on it's chest and tail, but you can't really see it in the photo. Whatever they were,  they were both beautiful just the same.


I'm going to post a series on this blog about our 'Denmark Adventures' over the next couple of days as it's been quite a while since my last post.

Lots of love, Little Robin

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