23 Sep 2015

Dear 12 year old me,

brush your hair. You might not notice it or think it looks too bad, but trust me, it is (I've seen photos!). When you wake up, just look in the mirror and use that new hairbrush for 5 minutes. You know, that one Mum bought you to try and encourage you to brush your hair? Take the hint!

Also, get rid of the too big, bright blue Crocs. You won't notice at the time, but they look hideous. Take them off and get mum to buy you a less expensive pair of Vans or something. I don't care what you wear, as long as they're not Crocs.

Oh, whilst on the subject of fashion, you don't need to wear and keep every single hand-me-down you are given. Just because you are a midget, doesn't mean that you don't get a say in what you wear. Because to be honest, you really have no sense of fashion. Look at it this way - these people have either given you their clothes because they are too young for them now, or they are too small for them now. So this means that you are wearing clothes that are too young for you. So pass on the ones you don't want, and get Mum to take you shopping. Otherwise, your mum will end up buying you a bright turquoise jumper with a sequined scull dog on the front when you are 15 because she is used to you dressing young! Do yourself a favour and develop a sense of fashion early. Thanks.

Now onto slightly cheesier subjects - make the most of your last year of school. Because it is actually the best year of school you will ever have. And once you leave, you will be constantly wishing that you had enjoyed your life in year 7 more and that you could repeat it.

Once you reach your second year of high school, you will begin to worry that you will never get a boyfriend - don't worry, you will. So just enjoy being alone, because you don't have to juggle spending time with your friends and your boyfriend. It's difficult!

And remember to enjoy your Europe trip, even though it gets to like, 40 degrees (Celsius) and the heat is too much to deal with. You will miss it once you're back home! Also, maybe don't spend as much money on souvenirs for friends - they're not expecting much!

What else.. oh! Study for tests and do your homework! It seems pointless at the time, but trading work for an hour of the Internet will come back to bight you the next day. Just put in a little bit more effort and you might not end up failing every maths and science test! Teachers don't give you homework for no reason and, believe it or not, they actually do want what's best for you (hard to believe, I know!).

So that's it I guess. Just do what I've written above and you should be absolutely fine!

Lots of love, Little Robin


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