13 Sep 2015

What's in my makeup bag?


Hello everyone!
Today I thought I would do a post about my everyday makeup products and what I have been loving beauty wise. So let's get started!

Maybelline New Dream Pure BB Cream - Light

 I only bought this BB cream recently, but I have loved it from the very beginning. I have the shade 'Light', and it is a perfect colour match for me. It has very good coverage, and it has an SPF of 15, which is good as we head into Spring. I've found that I have less trouble with spots on my face when I use this, as opposed to using a foundation and concealer, because it doesn't clog up my pores as much. This is a product that I would highly recommend for any of you out there looking for a good BB cream that doesn't cost a fortune. 

BYS Liquid Foundation - Nude

 This BYS foundation has pretty good coverage it really evens out my skin tone and helps to conceal any spots I might have on my face (just a note, there are quite a few BYS products in my makeup bag, mainly because they are very inexpensive). However, I do tend to steer away from foundation (and concealer) for everyday use, and instead use my BB cream, because it will clog up my pores more and it takes a lot longer to blend in.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - Classic Beige

This concealer has lasted me quite a while - I mentioned it in a haul post earlier this year - but the bottle is practically empty, which makes me sad because no one seems to have my shade when I go looking for it. But when there is actually stuff in the bottle, it is a great product. It is easy to blend, has very good coverage, and tends to last a long time (if I use a primer and powder, because my face is quite oily). Definitely a thumbs up for this concealer!

 BYS Compact Powder - Light

This is an okay powder, because it keeps my makeup on for most of the day, but it tends to cling to parts of my face where my makeup might have been applied a bit thicker. It does have a mat finish, so if you prefer more of a dewy finish, this one's probably not for you.

 BYS Blusher - Candyfloss

I love this blusher, as it's not too bright and it stays on fairly well. It's not too pigmented, so the more you apply, the darker it will become. This makes it perfect for everyday use because I try to keep my makeup minimal, unless I'm going on a night out.

Designer Brands Eye Shadows Pallet

This is a great pallet of eye shadows because it has a large range of dark and light colours, which means they can be used for everyday use and for nights out. They aren't very pigmented though, so the lighter colours especially need quite a bit to be applied before it clearly shows through. 

 Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara

I love this mascara because it doesn't clump on my eyelashes, like some of my mascaras do, and it stays on for a super long time (if I go to bed and I forget to take my makeup off, it will still be there the next morning!). It also makes my eyelashes quite stiff, which I know some people don't like, but I do because it curls my lashes for me, so I don't have to do it with eyelash curlers.

Essence Nude lip gloss - Taste The Sweets

I am obsessed with this lip gloss! It looks gorgeous, it's appropriate for school because it is a nude colour, and it tastes delicious. It is also very easy to apply, but it tends to wear off during the day, so maybe take it with you so you can reapply it later on.

TBN Lipstick - Pout Those Lips Girl (yes, that is the colour!)

This is a gorgeous coloured lipstick, that I love to wear when I'm going out at night, or even on the weekend during Autumn and Winter. It stays on for a long time, and doesn't feel uncomfortable once it is applied. I just wanted to include this because it is more of a fancy alternative to the lip gloss.

So there we go - that is what's in my makeup bag at the moment. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any of these products or if you want to see more posts like this. 
Thanks for reading guys!

Lots of love, Little Robin


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  1. Wow! Interesting selection of colours! My favorite is the TBN Lipstick!

    Lots of love

    The Writer