29 Jan 2016

Albany Adventures!

Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd give you all a bit of an update on what my week has been like.
Well, I have just spent the last 5 days down south in Albany, and it was extremely beautiful and picturesque. However, it was also freezing cold! Especially as it is the middle of summer in Australia, this was a bit of a shock to all of us - but then again, it's always cold in Albany.

The camp we stayed at was right by the beach, but I didn't end up swimming in it (because it was so cold and windy). The camp itself was protected from the strong winds from the ocean by a large hill, so it was kind of weird walking over the hill and feeling this rush of noisy cool air come straight at my face! Some of my fellow campers braved the wind and chose to tackle the waves with their boogie-boards and surfboards, but I just used my friends as wind breaks because I'm a huge woose when it comes to cold weather.

I did get a chance to swim at a much more protected beach though. A large group of us happy campers took a surfing lesson which was tiring, but definitely my favourite part of the trip. All those professional surfers make it look so easy, and I can barely stand on the board with waves that only reach my knees! How do they do it?!
Before we left to go back to camp that afternoon, we drove up to the lookout - the view was breathtaking. Unfortunately, my phone had recently died so I couldn't take any photos!

Whilst we were staying down south, we also took a long (and I mean long) hike through the bush to 'Bold Head'. The walk was basically 3 or 4 small mountains strung together that jut out into the middle of the ocean. Whilst the walk there and back took a grand total of seven hours to complete, it was so beautiful and I got a few photos of that walk.  

During our stay in Albany, I shared a room with two of my friends, and the brother of one of them was in the room next to us with his friend. As the week progressed, we began a prank war. Technically they started the war by putting dead crabs in our beds (not very pleasant, I can tell you!), but we retaliated by spraying their room, clothes and sleeping bags with perfume and deodorant. This wasn't our greatest comeback, considering that next they would surprise us with live crabs, and even a frog! This didn't go down well with us at all, and so we sneaked into their room that night with markers and drew on their faces! Not the best set of pranks in the history of prank wars, but it would have to suffice.

So that's all for now, and I hope you enjoyed my photos and my rambling on. 
Also, school goes back in THREE DAYS!!! Yaaaaaaaayyy *sarcastically waves hands in excitement*

Lots of love, Little Robin



  1. Oh that's beautiful, looks like you had a nice time :)

    1. Yes I did, and I can't wait to go back there :D

  2. Wow, those photoooos =D I want to go on holidaaaaay =(
    Thanks for sharing! Glad you had a good time in Albany.

    1. Thank you Ashana! So do I, and I just got back! Haha :)