29 Apr 2015

100 Years!!!

G'day mates! (haha)

As some of you might know, on Saturday here in 'The Land Down Under', (Australia) we celebrated 100 years since the ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Coorperation) landed in Gallipoli. It was a HUGE event - there was even a dawn service at Gallipoli, which only had a number of seats available, so names were drawn out of a hat. Needless to say, I wasn't up that early to watch it on TV (even with the time distance)!

I was, however in the march at the city, which was slightly nerve-wracking, as the were TV camera's and HEAPS of people!!! It was freezing cold when I got there, even though we were in long sleeves and pants.

Also, I'd heard that the Police had foiled a possible terrorist attack in Melbourne that was going to be carried out on ANZAC day and, because I'm a worry freak, I was scared the same thing was going to happen here! I actually got legit scared and was thinking about what would happen if there was an attack - how would I find my family? How would we get away? etc. Needless to say, nothing happened, I was over-reacting, and we got to laugh at all the funny outfits that other marchers had to wear!

I felt really proud of my country on Saturday - I know it sounds really cheesy, but it's true. I realised how lucky I was to be part of this anniversary of the ANZACS; to be able to wear my great uncle's medals (from WW2, but that doesn't matter) and march in honour of what all those brave young men did at Gallipoli to protect us.

Any other Aussies out there reading this post? How did you feel last weekend?

Lots of love, Little Robin


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