23 Apr 2015

The story of my holidays

Hello everyone!

Now that the holidays have been and gone, I thought I'd share some of the stuff that I got up to in an attempt to stop myself from dying with boredom. You guys get bored in the holidays too, right? Just me? Okay.


Anyway, for the first week of the holidays (we get two weeks off), my family and I took an annual trip up to Moore River with a few other family friends, which I will be posting photos of soon... not sure when. Usually, I have a friend who comes up with her parents as well, but this year she was overseas, and I was doomed to be alone for a week. Except, my brain actually decided to work (for a while - haha) and I got the ingenious idea...


Problem solved! She could only stay for the first few days however, so after some decidedly terrible weather (which is a shame, because all you can really do up there is swim at the beach), we took her back home and brought up another 'play mate' for me!

(Also, after we took my first friend home, the weather went from rainy and stormy to sunny blue skies all day!)

Nothing very different happened for the rest of the week, but the second week was slightly more eventful.
1. I went shopping and bought birthday presents for my friend
2. I went to see Insurgent - OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO AMAZING AND I'M REALLY GLAD AND REALLY MAD BECAUSE THEY'RE TURNING THE THIRD BOOK INTO TWO PARTS!!! (apparently) I'm glad because it means the series will last longer, but it will also take longer to see the finale and it will cost me more :) / :(
3. I went to my friend's birthday party which was heaps of fun, and heaps of lols
4. Watched TV, slept, ate, played The Sims, slept, did homework, ate, and slept.
Did I mention that I slept?

And that pretty much sums up my holidays! What did you guys get up to whilst free of school (if you had holidays, I know most of you live in different countries, ie. not Australia), and give me some tips on how to occupy my time when I have way too much to spare.
I need help!!!

Thanks for reading, you guys are the best!

Lots of love, Little Robin



  1. Your holidays sounded fun! The first week of my holidays I was quite social, but the second week I got down to business and wrote an essay. :') I didn't know Insurgent was going to be a two parter! Oh well, there goes my pocket money...

    1. Forgot to mention, but I tagged you for something on my blog. :)

  2. Oops, I meant Allegiant*

  3. You're holidays sound amazing! I need to see insurgent!! Xoxo